Home Business Scams – Who’s Telling the Story?

001_50Looking to build your own Home Business? You might be investigating different ways of doing this, or maybe you’ve already started your own Home Business but are struggling to generate leads. You might be interested in joining a membership or trying to learn and understand the process of Internet Home Business memberships. Maybe an email came to you that you weren’t expecting and it sparked your interest in opening your own Internet Home Business.

One of the things that has helped me build my Home business more efficiently is learning to recognize  what’s actually real out there and who’s telling the truth when it comes to making money. I know many people, including myself, who spent hundreds of dollars on “get rich quick scams” because we believed in the person who was telling the story. What we should have been focusing on is not the story teller, but the product, program, or membership they were trying to, and in many cases did, sell us.

It is amazing how many people out there in the Internet world get away with scamming others. Because, really, there is no one watching and even if there were, many of these sites close as fast as they open. In other words, they take your money and run, and they are very, very good at it. As soon as they close one site, they open another. They make the same promises as they’ve been making, but their names and the names of what they are selling have changed.

Some ways to recognize a scam site is if you fill out an opt-in form believing that you are going to be able to find out more about a company or its products via your email. The original opt in site states that you will be able to find out more and will not be asked and/or are under no obligation to buy, but then as soon as you hit the submit button you are redirected to another site asking you to “Wait…for a small amount of money, the next ten people who sign up for …” and they make you believe that you are special and that they are giving you a discount on their product. You want to believe and you want to learn more so you buy into it, only to be redirected again to purchase an even more expensive home business marketing idea.

Before you know it you’ve spent a hundred dollars on merchandise that 1) you either don’t understand, or 2) you aren’t even sure what it is that you bought. If that isn’t bad enough, you might not even know who you bought it from. Some scam artists have gotten so good at this that they have the audacity to send you an email telling you that for just so much additional dollars you’ll become a top earner in their company. Quick side note here, you should never have to pay to become a top earner, your sales commissions should prove that you’re a top earner.

When creating your own on-line home business it will be important for you to be honest and up front with both your new leads and your existing clients or customers. If you’re serious about owning a business, your reputation will depend on it.

You might think your biggest problem would be a lack of money, but not so, your biggest problem will be understanding who your audience is. You know those people who are actually going to be interested in what you’re selling. If you are selling Internet Home Business memberships then you will appeal to two different types of audiences; People who are interested in learning how to build an Internet Home Business and sell their own products, or people who want an Internet Business, but want someone else to provide the products and to do their selling.

People who want to build their own Internet Home Business and sell their own products will join your membership program because the program is actually an education. You offer courses or lessons that will teach the purchaser of your program how to build their own home business starting with a strong foundation. The program that you are selling should include lessons on how to purchase a domain and how to create a website. It should also give information on generating leads, learning advertising and marketing strategies, social networking, and search engine optimization or SEO for google and other directory listings,  It will probably also educate them on blogging and email practices.

These types of programs are an excellent opportunity for anyone to learn what owning an Internet Home Business is all about. For very little money they are taught what works and how to compete in the Home Business arena. Again, you’ll want to do your homework before joining to find who or what companies or programs are believable and which ones offer the most for a Home Business education.

Home Business memberships are also opportunities to own a Home Business. In this scenario the member pays a monthly or yearly fee and purchases their own leads, but other people within the membership network make the calls to the leads to sell the same membership that they bought into.

Though this isn’t a Home Business in the traditional sense of the word, it is a Home Business in that the member makes a percentage off the memberships that were sold via their leads. The people (also called coaches) who make the calls for them make another percentage, with the rest going back into the actual program. This might sound somewhat like affiliate marketing, but you only sell the one program; namely memberships and your webpage is redirected to the original membership site. Your name or a company name that’s yours is never actually seen or used.

This could be a good Home Business to get into as long as the Home Business membership that you joined into is rock solid and trustworthy, and you and your following can afford the fees. Telling people that they can make millions in just one week isn’t honest. If people could make millions in just one week, or even a month or a year, everyone would be doing it. You want to sell a Home Business membership that has an honest presence in the Internet Home Business arena, so make sure to do your homework and investigate your options.

The biggest problem that the home business industry has is in generating new leads. If you’re not going to advertise or use your own opt-in forms, then you might want to start thinking about purchasing leads. You can purchase new leads from the company or companies where you have memberships or you can purchase leads from companies that specialize in selling leads to other people based on their audience. Both ways of obtaining leads can generate new memberships or customers, just be careful here as buying leads can get expensive.

Generating leads has also become difficult because the industry has been inundated with false promises, so people are very hesitant to spend their money on what they might perceive as a scam.  You’ll want to entice new leads by first recognizing and validating their hesitancy, and second by providing a solution to their hesitancy.

One way to do this is by having them watch a video that introduces you and your company. You’ll want to personally speak to your potential customers about your program, products, or the membership(s) that you are trying to sell. You might also consider giving them access to one of your weekly calls where students and/or members discuss their successes and failures, or you might offer free information that can be sent to them via email. This way there is no pressure on your leads to join or put up any money right then and there.

Building your Home Business requires stamina, dedication, and persistence. It is important that you also believe that you can make it happen – negativity is your worst enemy. Don’t think that your success will happen over night. You need to get your name and product out there, the competition is fierce, and your audience is leary. Learn everything you can about building your Home Business. Stay Positive! Stay the Course!

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Backlinks; What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

Backlinks; What They Are and Why Do You Need Them?Principles of PageRank

Backlinks, also known as incoming links or inbound links are links that come into a website or web page from another website or web page.  In basic talk a backlink is any link received by a web page, directory, or website from another web avenue. For instance, your company links your website to your blog. Linking your website to your blog or another website gives more credibility with search engines and optimizes the search engine experience.

The significance of these backlinks lies in search engine optimization or SEO. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page. This is one of the factors Google uses to determine the PageRank of a webpage or even a blog. The more visitors to your site, the more popular the site. So the more you push or anchor your website onto other pages, websites, or blogs, the more people you get to visit or click that page. Backlinks may also be visitor noteworthy for personal, cultural, or semantic reasons because they indicate who or what group of people are paying attention or are visitors to that page.

Search engines, such as Google, use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the important factors for determining a website’s ranking, popularity, and importance. Google’s description of its PageRank system, for instance, interprets that a link from page 1 to page 2 is a factor in considering that page 1 thinks that page 2 is important. Even though this may not be true, search engines use it to determine who should be first on a page rank.

There are several factors that determine a backlink’s value. Backlinks that are from authoritative sites on specific topics are highly valuable. If both sites have content geared toward the topic’s keywords, the backlink is considered to be significant and will have a strong influence on the search engine rankings. A backlink represents a favorable search engine vote for the receiving webpage granting another webpage their link.

Another important factor is the anchor text of the backlink. Anchor text is the descriptive labeling of the hyperlink as it appears on a web page. Search engine spiders or crawlers examine the anchor text to evaluate how relevant it is to the content on a webpage. Anchor text and webpage content are highly weighted in search engine results and the page rankings of a webpage. So be careful with respect to keywords and how they match up to your content.

People often use these SEO strategies to increase the number of backlinks that point to their website(s). Some of these methods you can do yourself, but there are also companies that can do them for you at no cost. However, there are other costly methods that require quite a bit of financing, planning, and marketing to work. Often times, these will be the sites that you see on the first page of a search, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your website on that same first page using simple marketing strategies, so pay attention.

There has recently been a buzz throughout Twitter and Facebook, and yes even Google, that backlinks no longer hold the key to a good PageRank. Though this might happen in the future, as of now backlinks are still considered important to your standing in the search engines.

Sites for blogging such as Squidoo, Blogger, and HubPages are valuable avenues to creating backlinks.  Posterous.com is also a way to produce backlinks. Sign up for Posterous via email at post@posterous.com and account will be created. You then choose Autopost and Posterous will post to a variety of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Blogger, and WordPress.

Leaving comments on other people’s blogs is another strategy for backlinks. Be sincere and positive with your feedback. Look for blogs that are in your field, comment on their blog or article, and then leave a link to your website, or just ask them to visit your blog.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Promoting and your video to large directories will get you indexed and it is a great way to build backlinks to your site. Videos can easily be made by using an existing article, and spiffing it up some. Videos can be made with Windows Movie Maker or some other free video making operating system – you just have to search them out.

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Get Organized, Save Money, Save Time!

Scheduling Time When Working From Home


English: In the weeks prior to an important mi...

In the weeks prior to an important milestone, consultants give up on automated scheduling and resort to the old fashion way of scheduling and planning to meet their deadline. Such impromtu gatherings promote creativity and the exchange of information that work towards an on-time result. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scheduling Time When Working From Home

Plan Your Work; Then Work Your Plan Time Management when working from home, or anywhere, is vital to a company’s productivity.  In order to get the most out of your time, you have to plan your work and then work your plan. Most people do this before leaving the office for the day, or they might do it first thing in the morning, if they get there early enough. That said, if you have a tough time getting up and moving in the morning, than this strategy won’t work for you. It would be better for you to do your scheduling the night before.

The Short of It: Plan your work; then work your plan.

Prioritize Prioritize your work. Making a list of all the things that you need to accomplish and that are time sensitive is in order. Prioritizing your work also means staying organized and being persistent at even the most difficult of tasks.  Placing those tasks that you least enjoy first and the tasks that are most enjoyable last, will help make the day go smoothly and allow you to accomplish the goals that you set. Again, plan your work, and then work your plan.

The Short of It:  Itemize by listing the items you need to accomplish today, sequence them in terms of the highest impact and strictest deadlines, and finally list the tasks that are most enjoyable to you last.

Track It Most companies track how their employees spend their time, so that productivity is maximized. Tracking time should be treated very seriously as time is money. Set up a time recording system starting and ending at the same time each day where you can record how and what you’re spending your time on. This can impact both short and long term goals and successes. Implement a system that tracks your time on an hourly basis. Then break the hour down into fifteen or thirty minute intervals so that you can record what tasks you performed in that same amount of time. Record your activities for at least a week. This will help you improve your work productivity, where your downtime is being spent, and compiling information of time on task for future use. Include a fifteen minute break twice a day and at least a twenty minute lunch period. Leaving the work area and reenergizing has been known to increase people’s productivity by at least ten percent.

The Short of It:  List all your tasks to be accomplished for the day; block your tasks according to fifteen or thirty minute intervals. Include two break activities, and a lunch period.

Hanging Out by the Water Cooler Many times, while working in an office building, you have the office person or people who want to hang out by the water cooler and swap stories. If you work from home, that talker could be your significant other, your children, or that over friendly neighbor. You must set some guidelines within the home. Establishing a working schedule and rules that revolve around your work schedule will give everyone an understanding of how important your time is when it comes to work. It is also important to have your own space when working from home. Whether it be in a corner or an actual room that is strictly your office; when you’re there, family members will know that you and your space is off limits.  Respecting your work time and your business should be as important to others as it is to you.

The Short of It: Set a schedule and rules that apply to when you are working. Create your own work space and claim it as “hands off” when working. Respect yourself and your business and others will follow your lead.

Send it Out Hiring an outside company to do your work can be intimidating. Giving up control is difficult to do, but there may be no other way if you are to get the job done by the deadline and continue to increase your profits. Hire an outside source to do those tasks that you dislike doing. When we don’t like to do something, we have a tendency to avoid doing it. Hiring someone else to do these tasks works well; the job gets done and it gets done on time, leaving you less stressed. Although the cost of outside hiring could be problematic, the cost of not having the job done and done on time could be even more troublesome.

The Short of It: Hire an outside source to do the tasks that you least like to do. This gets the job done and gets it done on time, thereby causing you reduced stressed.


Internet Home Business – The Beginning

Starting your Internet Home Business and Selling Your Own Products– The Beginning…

 If it’s your dream to make money from a home business enterprise, then there are some things you need to consider. Becoming your own boss may sound nice, but if you’re not the self-disciplined type, then maybe you should rethink your dream. It’s easy to earn an income from a Home Business, but it’s not so easy staying focused and staying on task when working for yourself.

To start, your home business needs to be treated just like any other business. This means that you need your own space. Having a computer with software installed designed to meet your needs, files and a filing system, and insurance for your company are priorities. You should have a separate phone line and a colored printer that has fax capabilities. Your software should include a program such as Microsoft publishing that can help you make your own newsletters or send out special emails thus saving you money and costs on advertising and marketing. You will also need to consider legal issues. Investing a little money in a company such as Legal Zoom might prove beneficial.

Get up, get dressed, and get going. You should treat your home business as you would any other outside business. Keep it professional. You will be more productive, more alert to deal with customers, and it puts you in a successful frame of mind. Staying in your pajamas all day, every day is not a healthy way of living. You still need to feel like you’re a part of what’s going on in the world.

Setting up an emergency fund to safeguard your own and your business’s financial security is very important. As in everyday life, unexpected expenses might arise, so you’ll want to have available funds to cover those expenses. It will also be important for you to replace those funds as quickly as possible. This way, you always have money set aside for the unexpected, and your business can maintain its day-to-day operation.

Sometimes unexpected events such as computer downtime occur. If your home business is your only, or main source of income, it will be important for you to have another plan in place. Websites being offline, problems with distributors, and maintaining enough inventories to keep up with your customers can become home business failures if not dealt with quickly and properly. Planning ahead for these misfortunes and ways to handle them should they occur will help you recover your home business venture faster, leaving you with some money still in your pocket.

Having a support or networking system when running your home business helps to build confidence, allows you to connect with like-minded people, and gives you an outlet to communicate frustrations and to help find solutions to problems that you might be having. Networking is a source of motivation, inspiration, and direction. It doesn’t matter if these connections own businesses in different fields, what matters is the outlet it affords you.

To have a successful work-from-home-business, you need to feel confident in yourself and in the products you’re promoting. One of the most powerful factors in achieving the profits you’ll be looking for is the having the ability to promote yourself and your products successfully. Owning an Internet run Home Business means marketing and advertising whenever and wherever possible. Although “word of mouth” advertising continues to be the best way to market yourself and your products, you still need to market and advertise. In doing so, you will need to communicate a clear understanding of your product(s), both verbally and through the written word, and then deliver and articulated that understanding in a professional and knowledgeable way.

The key to success in running your home business enterprise is the ability to know that sometimes you need to take risks. Experimenting with different ways to attract customers and increase profits can go a long way. Reflecting on what’s working and what isn’t, helps keep the positive energy flowing. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about an “At Home” business, you still need to continue to keep up with, and investigate new trends. There is nothing wrong with checking out your competitions’ websites or their new attractions.

Understand that having an Internet Work from Home Business is, at times,  frustrating and disappointing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and either will your home business. That said, with self-discipline, determination, and staying on top of what’s new, your home business can succeed.

First things first: Do you really want this? If you do, and your serious about the ups and downs of starting your Internet Business, than consider the following, and not necessarily in the order listed.

  • Have you organized your funding and budgeted accordingly? Do not use your home or income funds, it is imperative that you keep your business and business records, such as checking accounts, payable and receivables, separate from your home accounts.
  • Do you have your company name and an idea of your logo in place? Your logo is what identifies you and your products, and is most important.
  • Is your price list up to date?
  • Do you have readily available pictures of your products? Have you thought about how you should lay them out for public viewing and for attracting customers?
  • Will you have any promotions to invite people to your website or to have customers’  order online rather than through mail order?
  • Do you have your supplies ready, such as phone, computer, printer and fax, cartridges, and any other office supplies to run day-to-day operations?
  • Who will design your website? Will you do it yourself through a professional website company or have them do it for you? Many website design companies will offer the first six months of membership free and they’ll design or help you design your own company website.
  • How will you handle opt-ins, or new customers signing up?
  • Catalogs via email?
  • Newsletters? When? weekly, monthly, semi-annually?

Considerations for starting your own Internet Business never end, like any business, you are constantly rethinking old ideas while developing new ones. If you are on the fence about starting your own Home Business, visit us at stuck-on-wealth-llc.com. Stuck on Wealth, L.L.C.; Internet Home Business and Consultant Professionals, helping you from the foundation up. Join us! We Change Lives!




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Stuck on Wealth, L.L.C.; We Change Lives

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